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About Us

Leo is proud to be certified by the State Fire Commissioner as a participating department of the Pennsylvania Fire Service Certification Program at the 50% Level, which means 50% of our volunteer members are Fire II State Certified. Leo is honored to be recognized by the state for this achievement as we are a 100% volunteer company.

Leo Fire Company, also knowns as Station 34, is located in Red Lion, York County, Pennsylvania. We are a 100% volunteer fire service serving Red Lion Borough, Windsor Township, York Township and various other surrounding municipalities as mutual aid. We have 6 pieces of apparatus housed in a new station that was dedicated in October 2005. Our previous station, located next door to the new station, contains our offices, lounge, kitchen and social hall. If you see a light on, feel free to stop in and take a look around or chat with some of your local volunteers!

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This site was created by a lifetime volunteer member of Red Lion Fire Co. to better serve the firefighters of York County:

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Where Does My Fire Protection Come From?

Neighbors Helping Neighbors to Protect Life and Property

Excerpts taken from Chief Brad Fiore, Cottekill Volunteer Fire Company

You may have seen the movies Backdraft or Ladder 49. Maybe you’ve caught an episode of Rescue Me or Third Watch. Certainly some of you remember the 1970s television series Emergency.  Most images on television, in movies and in books are those of career or paid firefighters. They work, eat and sleep at the fire station. The bell rings, and off they go to the emergency.  Is that the image you have? Unfortunately, that’s not the case throughout most of the country. Nearly 72 percent of the 30,000 fire departments in the U.S. are volunteer departments. Here’s how your Fire Emergency Services works.

There are three parts to the fire protection equation. Think of it as a triangle with information and resources flowing in both directions. It is made up of:
The Fire District • The Fire Company • The Community
Let's take a look at the responsibilities of each one.

The Fire District is the political boundary where your Fire Department handles the fire protection for that specific jurisdiction.  These municipalities are governed by local council members or township commissioners.  The fire department is not governed by any municipality, it governs itself.  Each fire department decides on what equipment and recourses are needed to be purchased for them to provide the best fire protection they can for their districts.

The Fire Company is the human resource, responsible for answering the community’s calls for help. Every week they perform checks of all equipment and train for emergency situations. They are volunteers. They leave their jobs and the dinner table, and they get up in the middle of the night—all to help a neighbor in need.

Most important, there is the Community, which also has responsibilities for fire protection.  The first is practicing fire safety at home.  The second is electing commissioners and paying a fire tax to help cover fire district costs. The third and largest responsibility of the community is to volunteer.

In the fire service, we learn about the fire triangle:  fuel + heat + oxygen = FIRE. If you take one element out of the equation, the fire goes out. If you remove one of the components in our fire protection triangle, the fire gets bigger, people lose their property, and some may even lose their lives.  Currently, there is an imbalance in the fire protection triangle.  The Fire District financial assists in supplying equipment.  The Fire Company uses and maintains the equipment and answers the community’s calls for help, although it is struggling to do so. The Community pays the taxes, but here is where the breakdown of the triangle begins.

The human resources are not being provided to the fire company. This is hard on the few who are volunteering, and leaves both the fire company and the community at risk. The same jobs normally done at an emergency scene by 15 to 30 firefighters still need tobe done even if there are only 5 to 8 firefighters.  This causes undue stress on the firefighters and threatens lives. This imbalance also creates property threats, since a few volunteers can only do so much.

Ask yourself, “What am I doing Wednesday nights that is more important than learning how to save lives?” or “Could I live with the fact that my neighbors’ house burned or they lost their lives and all I could do was watch?” You own the firehouse, the trucks and all the equipment. Be more than just an owner— be a member.

Exciting Upcoming Events at Leo!


Red Lion Fire Company is holding the 1st Annual Local Heroes Golf Outing on Friday, June 20, 2014 at Springwood Golf Club. For more information, please see our page and attached flyer.



The annual Bull & Oyster Roast will be located at Red Lion Fire Company this year on Saturday, April 12. Doors open at 5:30 PM with Tanner Mountain Band taking the stage from 7-11 PM. Tickets are $35 in advance, or $40 at the door. Menu will include fried oysters, shucked oysters, oyster stew, Pit Beef, salads, snacks and desserts. Small Games of Chance will be played throughout the evening. Call 244-8811 for more information or stop by the station on Wednesday's from 6-9 PM or Saturdays from 9 AM - 12 PM to pick up your tickets. Cash, check or credit card are accepted.


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Check our our new online store! You can purchase hats and wooden houses online or order to pick up at our station. These will make some great gifts and memrobilia. Click on the Store link on the navigation bar to see our store. You can also send us donations directly by clicking on the Donate button as well! All donations go directly toward the operating expenses of Leo Independent Fire Engine Company No. 1.


What's New

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