About Us

Leo is proud to be certified by the State Fire Commissioner as a participating department of the Pennsylvania Fire Service Certification Program at the 75% Level, which means 75% of our volunteer members are Fire II State Certified. Leo is honored to be recognized by the state for this achievement as we are a 100% volunteer company.

Leo Fire Company, also known as Station 34, is located in Red Lion, York County, Pennsylvania. We are a 100% volunteer fire service serving Red Lion Borough, Windsor Township, York Township and various other surrounding municipalities as mutual aid. We have 6 pieces of apparatus housed in a new station that was dedicated in October 2005. Our previous station, located next door to the new station, contains our offices, lounge, kitchen and social hall. If you see a light on, feel free to stop in and take a look around or chat with some of your local volunteers!

About Us - Tiller 34 or Truck 34 parked in front of the Red Lion Fire Department
Tiller 34 parked in front of the Red Lion Fire Department

We are also known as Red Lion Fire Company and located at 201 W. Broadway, Red Lion, PA. The company was formed on September 20, 1894 and remains fully volunteer.  You can check out our full history here.

The Paging site was created by a lifetime volunteer member of Red Lion Fire Co. to better serve the firefighters of York County: